2-Fabric Reversible Bandana

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Karina - Creative Dog Mom

7/1/20233 min read

Select two complimenting fabrics. I picked the cupcake fabric and the teal paw print fabric. The cupcakes will be perfect for celebrating birthdays and the teal paws a great every day look.

Step 1: Pick two fabrics

Step 2: Cut your fabric

Cut a square from each of your fabrics. I’m making a size medium so I’ll cut two 10.5 inch square. One square from each fabric. (Refer to the Bonus Style on page 2 of your pattern to determine the measurements for your square based on what size bandana you’re making.)

Now we need to cut our squares into triangles. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner down the middle and cut the fabric square in half. You now have two equal size triangles. Repeat for your other fabric.

Step 4: Finish the bandana

Take a triangle from each fabric. With right sides together, line the two triangles up on the longest edge, that’s the edge where you made the diagonal cut. Pin and sew all the way across.

Now you have the two triangles sewn together all the way across the top edge.

TIP: I find it hard to start sewing in the corners, so I begin a few inches in and sew all the way to the corner tip. Then I flip the bandana and start where seem end and sew the opposite way to the other corner tip.

Lift one triangle over the other to open it up to form a square. Iron the seam open.

Follow the Modern Dog Bandana pattern from step 5 to finish your bandana.

Happy sewing! 🐾


The Creative Dog Mom

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Step 3: Sew triangles together

Get more out of your Modern Dog Bandana pattern with this simple reversible design style!

Bandana with cupcake fabric showing and a small fold on top to show the teal paw print fabric as an accent.

Bandana with teal paw print fabric showing.

Bandana with cupcake fabric showing.

The modern bandana is reversible, but it’s the same three fabrics that show on both sides. Ruby asked if it was possible to use the pattern to make a bandana with two different fabrics on each side. It sure is! Here’s how.

Step 1: ⇧ Pick two complimenting fabrics.

Step 2: ⇧ Cut your fabric pieces.

Step 3: ⇧ Sew the two fabric triangles together.

Step 4: ⇧ Press the seam open. Finish the bandana using your Modern Dog Bandana Pattern.

Three different looks with the finished bandana!

(Purchase the bandana pattern here: Modern Dog Bandana pattern.)

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